As a passionate traveller, Kathrin Wetzel was long on the search for the perfect travel bag. A bag so practical and yet so elegant that it would no longer leave her hand.. A bag with a timeless style that would refine any look and with a functionality that would make it the most reliable travel companion.. When Kathrin was combing through the attic with her daughter at the time, she found a leather piece of jewellery from her grandmother. The timeless beauty and clearly unaltered quality of the leather travel bag were exciting to the two women. The somewhat worn edges and the beautifully soft cowhide leather radiated a sense of individuality and its very own history. “I love this bag”, exclaimed Kathrin’s daughter, “Let us give it its original brilliance!”. Impressed by the classic beauty and the desire to once again give the refined leather craftsmanship its original notability, Kathrin Wetzel has since worked with the CALADAN brand on the manufacture of high-quality leather clutches and accessories.


Our greatest concern at CALADAN is to craft your favourite personal piece out of leather. A bag that meets your needs and wishes in terms of quality, design and functionality. In order to adapt the bags to the requests of our customers, we are pleased to incorporate their own ideas, colour requests or embossing suggestions and offer customised bags and accessories.

Each CALADAN model was designed with love and is always designed at a small family production facility at the Spanish locations Ubrique and Alicante, by hand. Individual models are also made in Italy due to some craftsmanship features, also by hand. The ethnically-aware and responsible production of our leather bags means a lot to us because our bags are the embodiment quality in every way.


At  CALADAN, we celebrate individuality. The small edges and corners of each personality are reflected in our leather bags and accessories. The natural imperfections of the leather originate from the life history of each animal and give each CALADAN model its own very distinct quality. 30 pieces are created of each model and each has a unique number printed on the inside of the bag.

Classical designs meet casual chic and radiate an unmistakable glamour due to the high-quality materials of CALADAN. We passionately work on creating indispensable companions for travel, road trips, business meetings or the chic gala dinners attended by our customers. Each design has been carefully conceived down to the smallest detail and offers innovative solutions. so that you can rely on your CALADAN bag for every occasion. 


Timeless design and the exclusive finishing of high-quality materials are geared to the long service life of our bags. Each of our CALADAN products originates from ethnically responsible craftsmanship. Here we made an effort to focus on the traditional, environmentally-friendly trade of leather-working. 

The leather bags are made of sturdy cowhide leather. Our leather originates from the leather of European farmers whose animals graze outside. Due to the geographical proximity, we avoid unnecessary transport routes all the way to the processing stage.

When selecting the leather, we take care to ensure that unused remnants are left over. By foregoing chemical products in the tanning process, the quality and resistance of the leather remain. Each CALADAN bag maintains its characteristic colour through purely naturally dying from different plants as well as wood blocks.

The ethnic and high-quality manufacture of your CALADAN bags requires a little extra time but as soon as you have it in your hands, you’ll understand: you were made for each other!


At CALADAN, we believe that everyone should have a perfect clutch for every occasion. Whether you have some change requests for our models or you already have your own picture of a clutch, we are excited and are looking forward to making your request a reality. 

You can contact us directly for questions and suggestions..

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