As a passionate traveler, Kathrin Wetzel was a Long time searching for the perfect travel bag. The perfect bag has to be practical, elegant and in a timeless style to refine any outfit. In addition to functionality that would make it the most reliable travel companion.

One day Kathrin cleans up the attic with her daughter and found a hidden treasure - a leather bag from her grandmother.

This timeless and rare jewel, with its clearly unaltered quality, set them in a state of excitement. The used look in combination with the beautiful soft cowhide leather radiated a sense of individuality and its very own history.

“I love this bag”, exclaimed Kathrin’s daughter, “Let´s return its original brilliance!”

Impressed by the classic beauty and the desire to bring back the former glory of this bag, Kathrin Wetzel decided to create CALADAN.

CALADAN stands for the manufacture of high-quality leather clutches and accessories.

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